Attwells Kitchens is a family owned business operating since 1941. We pride ourselves in providing a custom quality product at affordable prices.

New kitchen designs need to be carefully & professionally planned, allowing for smart use of kitchen floor space while using the latest kitchen design trends and styles.

When undertaking your new kitchen as part of a home build, renovation, extension or improvement aligning the kitchen design with other areas of your home should be taken into consideration.

Today’s modern kitchen designs are many and varied and pose some great opportunities to add in the very best and latest kitchen products, colours and accessories.

The friendly staff at Attwells Kitchens will help design your new custom kitchen and guide you through the entire experience.

Why Attwells Kitchens?

Operating since 1941 this business has undoubtedly come a long way from its humble beginnings. However, Attwells Kitchens is much more than just a business for James and his long time business partner Eddie MacInante.


A third generation Attwells, James sees the company as a family tradition started by his Grandfather many years ago.


Some of the world's greatest companies are family traditions, just look towards the Murdock and Packer families.


Attwells Kitchens, albeit, works on a much smaller scale than these media giants but the ability to survive and succeed over 65 years is certainly a remarkable achievement.